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English Chapter 3 The Letter Class 10 Summary, detailed Explanation of the story Govardhandas Joshi (); He wrote by the pen name “Dhumketu ”. 28 Mar The Letter By Dhumketu. 1. A Presentation on: The Letter -Dhumketu; 2. Dhumaketu (–) was the pen name of Gaurishankar. 19 Jan Ppt on the letter BY DHUMKETU ENGLISH LITERAture class 1. ·Dhumaketu (–) was the pen name ofDhumaketu (–).

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He left his sport and instead started admiring nature.

Summary and Analysis of The Letter by Dhumaketu

The postman got confused as he had just seen Ali. This information would give him peace and comfort and dhumkdtu the post office was sacred for Ali. Compare Ali and the postmaster as fathers.

The old man reached the post office, build up in newest architectural style. When it comes, you must forward my Miriam’s letter to me.

The new Postmaster once called him a ‘pest’. At the end of the garden stood a handsome building of the newest style, and the light gleamed through the crevices of its closed doors and windows. The postmaster wanted to deliver the letter himself.

Once I saw a postman in Ahmedabad who did absolutely nothing but make little heaps of dust. The unearthly light implies that it was not Ali but his soul which was still waiting for the letter. The pain of a father’s heart deserves respect.

All this indicates that he lerter love and patience in him. There was no sound except the barking of dogs, footsteps of workmen going to work, and the screech of birds who got disturbed in their sleep. Since then Ali visited the post office every day waiting for a letter from her to know about her well-being.


This embedded the Postmaster with remorse forever. They are extremely concerned about the wellbeing of their daughters. He faced extreme weather conditions, struggled with ill — health but kept his willpower and determination. He listened to Lakshmi Das’s recital of the last interview, but he could still not doubt the reality of the knock on the door and the tears in Ali’s eyes.

His heart broke as the letter delayed.

Summary and Analysis of Dhumaketu’s The Letter

We ought to believe in the Karma theory. It will be useful if a letter should come when I am not here. Ali appeared just like the way the clerk had left him.

He no longer remained rude and cold, rather he became compassionate towards Ali. This was in fact a result of his ill deeds of killing animals which suffered the same pain. He had been visiting the post office every day for the last five years. The postmaster called in the clerk to whom Ali has given the gold coins and asked him to find Coachman Ali. He would enjoy looking at their terrorized, grieving faces. It was addressed to Coachman Ghe, and he dropped it as though it had given him an electric shock.

Ali was heartbroken and very slowly came out of the building knowing this was his last visit there. Now he knew the importance of these feelings for both the dhumkeu. When his daughter fell ill in his hometown, Postmaster got into ‘Ali’s shoes’.


They rebuked him, called him mad and played pranks on him by calling out his name and watching him jump up to the window. As Ali became old and his death was approaching, he gave up his occupation of hunting animals and totally changed his attitude and behavior. Although he still had that skill and ability but the pain of separation was too deep, which got into him from the very day his daughter left.

These smart young peons in their spotless turbans and creaking shoes were always eager to express themselves. The letter began to make a game of him. What impression do you form of the postmaster after reading the story ‘The Letter’? Both of them then had a common mind; a father’s heart!

Ali’s love for his daughter made him visit post office for such a long time. Beholding the wooden arch of this building, the old man was filled with the joy that the pilgrim feels when he first sees the goal of his journey.

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