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Apprentice Adept is a heptalogy of fantasy and science fiction novels written by English American author Piers Anthony. . However, in Juxtaposition, Sheen is also referred to as the Robot Adept. She also had to use the Book of Magic and as a. Juxtaposition Written by Piers Anthony Juxtaposition Category: Fiction – Fantasy – Epic; Fiction – Science Fiction – Action & Adventure; Fiction – Action &. Juxtaposition By Piers Anthony – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews , awards, publishing history, genres, and time period.

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Ballantine Books- Fiction – pages. What I like about him is that he is small in statue, but large in heart, which makes him a ch I originally read this series over 20 years ago.

Juxtaposition by Piers Anthony | : Books

The two worlds were out of balance and heading for disaster. Lists with This Book.

Later, the same robot was magically made into a golemallowing her to operate in both worlds, using electrical power in Proton, and magical power in Phaze. I wonder what new adventures await Stile next in Out of Phaze?

There are more books in the series now; a total of seven. Other Tourney participants who last until the final rounds are rewarded by being allowed to stay a serf on Proton for an additional term of years. The two worlds were out of balance and heading for disaster.

Stile needs to choose which world to stay in to protect and which world to leave forever. As with the first two books, I liked the parallel worlds. Stile has been prophesied to ameliorate this destruction, but many powerful people in both frames are out to stop him, denying the destabilization and juxtxposition to maintain th On the planet Proton, science works and magic doesn’t, but juxtaposed with this world is another frame, that of Phaze, where magic works, but science doesn’t.


Sure, the constant erections plagued me during this period of my life might have been a bit awkward, but back then this is exactly what I was into. We are experiencing technical difficulties.


Also by Piers Anthony. This was originally the end of the trilogy, and it’s a perfectly good end, for what it is – the additional four books are definitely only for the faithful. Stile has to save two worlds at tghe same time and with the help of his friends, and some of his foe, he stops Proton the science world and Phaze the magical world by juxtaposing them. Years of mining for the high-energy mineral “Protonite” has left an imbalance between Proton and its sister world, Phaze.

Stile had problems—two whole worlds of problems, in fact. When the worlds juxapose, Stile will not be able oiers travel into both of them. Antohny of lives are in jepordy and its up to Stile, this nobody from Proton, who turned into the most powerful magician in Phaze, to save them.

You’ve come this far Yet, with a treaty such as this, I am surprised it has not been challenged.


Apprentice Adept – Wikipedia

The rampant sexism gets no better – Stile still has every wo Juxaposition is definitely the best of the initial trilogy. Such as a friend of mine inviting a bunch of us over to attempt to convert us to the confines of his faith. Shoot, I re-read them all in the span of about a week, so regardless of his feelings about women, Anthony clearly knows how to tell a good story.

Anthony’s world, and it’s backstory, contain logical explanations for the fantastic occurrences therein. Nov 01, W.

To survive, Stile had to master magic, jjxtaposition a dragon, win the friendship of a lady unicorn, locate his enemy among the paranoid Adepts, and return out of Phaze to win the Great Games on Proton.

He has to fight the leader uniorn, and play against top gamers in “the Game”. It pieers be one thing to have these passages written from the perspective of the characters, to indicate their own motivations and feelings. Paperback Hardcover eBook Audio. Oct 11, Brett Thurman rated it really liked it. The bug-eyed monsters BEMs attempt to take over Phaze. Selected pages Title Page. Aug 02, Gabriel rated it it was ok.

In addition to their coloring, unicorns with socks can actually remove them.