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6 Jul Los primeros auxilios te pueden ayudar a salvar vidas, saber que hacer y poder ayudar en algún accidente. Incluso puede ser a alguien de tu. El soporte vital cardiovascular avanzado (SVCA/ACLS) se desarrolla sobre la base del soporte vital básico (SVB/BLS) resaltando la importancia de una RCP. Basic life support (BLS) are a group of maneuvers that constitute a fundamental tool Soporte vital básico (SVB) es un grupo de maniobras que constituyen una .

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Participants’ socio-educational characteristics are shown in table I. Afterwards, an educational intervention on BLS knowledge was performed and again the questionnaire was applied, in order to evaluate sensitivity on post-intervention change. Stud Health Technol Inform. Discussion Based on our results, approximately one in ten tested students had a good knowledge level about BLS. Eur J Emerg Med.

Curso de Soporte Vital Básico – BLS at CENCAdent Formación Técnica, Bogotá

Measurements and variables The final questionnaire was soporre of two sections. Association of socio-educational variables according to passing the test is shown in table II.

Universidad Nacional de Ucayali. Another limitation was that we did not obtain other socio-academic variables, so we recommend that future researches explore more associated factors.

Libro electrónico de Soporte vital básico (SVB/BLS) para profesionales de la salud en español

Original researches Factors associated with knowledge of basic life support in medical students from basicl Peruvian universities. For categorical variables, it was performed a description of the variables, the dependent variable according to the number of correct answers obtained in the questionnaire and independent variables gender, age, marital status, university of origin, previous related courses, desire to be trained in practical BLSusing frequencies and percentages.


The mean score obtained from the questions about BLS established in the questionnaire was 6. Pre-hospital care—the evolution of a course for undergraduates.

BLS (Soporte Vital Básico) at Facultad Enfermeria UCOL, Colima

Pre-training evaluation and feedback improve medical students’ skills in basic life support. Introduction Basic life support BLS vutal a group of maneuvers which constitute a fundamental tool to save lives, especially if the emergency occurs bls soporte vital basico of a hospital.

These changes were introduced to simplify the algorithmto allow for faster decision making and to maximize the time spent giving chest compressions; this is because interruptions in chest compressions have been shown to reduce the chance of survival. Knowledge of first aid and basic life support amongst medical students: We conclude that the knowledge level about BLS in medical students from the universities under spoorte is poor.

Coursing clinical sciences, academic stages were defined to students who said they were carrying courses including hospital rotations from third to sixth year of medical career.

The independent variables were socio-educational data formulated in the questionnaire and were used to determinate whether there are differences according to these variables. Socio-educational characteristics of medical students from nine universities. Isr Med Assoc J. Rev Cuba Anestesiol Reanim.

J Pak Med Assoc. Some studies with population with similar characteristics -but smaller ones- reported interest in the majority of the students baxico receiving updates on BLS. Several publications on the knowledge level about BLS in health personnel reveal disappointing results, with a frequency of unawareness of these maneuvers between Bls soporte vital basico findings are within the range found in similar populations to which we evaluated.


The authors declare that no conflict interests exist. Students’ knowledge of symptoms and risk factors of potential life-threatening medical conditions.

Curso Soporte Vital Básico (BLS)

Int J Emerg Med. Knowledge and psychomotor skills of nursing students in North Cyprus in the area of cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Crisis intervention–the summary of a unique interventional program for medical students. After this whole process, three medical experts with international accreditation in BLS evaluated the instrument providing compliance. El 14 de septiembre y el 12 de octubre son las nuevas fechas baeico el Curso de BLS.

In multivariate analysis, passing the test was associated with coursing semesters belonging to clinical sciences academic stages p: It was initially formulated by three of the authors of this study, one of them with bos years of experience in BLS field and a master’s degree in research; the second one, with a master’s degree in research and member of the scientific evidence generation team at the National Health Institute of Peru; and the last one, past AHA physician in Peru.

Adjusted prevalence rates aPR using generalized linear models were estimated.