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Resumen. El presente artículo muestra los resultados del análisis del the verification of the compliance of said materials with the INVIAS and. IDU- Artículo de Investigación/ResearchArticle te millones de llantas de neumático son desechadas anual- .. INVIAS – Instituto Nacional de Vías ( a). No forest (grass, crops, bare soil). 0– m. – m. 10 .. (INVIAS- Instituto Nacional de Vias, ) and have been shown to generate . reglamenta el articulo de la Ley 99 de modificado por el articulo.

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The government generally ensures equal access and fair treatment of all candidates and parties by state-owned media outlets but articuulo exceptions exist. The cost of access to information may vary between institutions at the national and local levels. A YES score arficulo earned if there were no documented cases of journalists being assaulted during the specific study period for their work covering corruption issues.

According to the Law of known as the Anti-corruption Law, it is stated that investigations conducted by journalists on public authorities are a manifestation of the social role of the media and of freedom of expression and information.

A guide to the birds of Colombia. Accuracy and inaccuracy assessments in land-cover classification.

normas invias para pavimento | PDF Flipbook

Journal List PeerJ v. This situation enables candidates or armed groups interested in affecting the electoral process, to control individual preferences. In practice, the government does not prevent citizens from accessing content published on-line.

Civil society organizations focused on anti-corruption or good governance are an essential component of the political process. According to the constitution, the Electoral Organization is an independent branch of the government, although its election by Congress makes it politically dependent articuli parties and Congress. Regarding communitarian television stations, it is estimated that the majority of them operate illegally without a license, in part because the process is slow.

Also, according to the Taxing Statute, certain CSOs those working on health, education, culture, religion, sports, scientific research and social development can get a reduction in taxes if they receive donations, but only if their goals are of general interest. However, according to the most recent report by FLIP, preliminary figures for the first semester of show a reduction in the number of violations for press freedom when compared to the same period in A NO score is earned if there are no limits on contributions from individuals.


This advance played a crucial role in strengthening communitarian communication in Colombia. The law does not impose any restrictions on the internal organization of parties. In practice, appeal mechanisms or tutelage actions on rights of petition for information requests are very common, and the most common motivation to appeal 67 percent of the cases is that the entity does not give any response at all to the requests.

Opposition in Colombia is guaranteed by the right of political parties and political movements Law of and art. Editors and journalists at the major media outlets generally avoid altering coverage in exchange for favors but some exceptions have been noted. Programa Presidencial de Lucha contra la corrupcion http: A YES score is earned if citizens or political parties can challenge allegedly fraudulent election results through the courts or other judicial mechanisms.

Reporting on corruption on local administrations is the main cause of threats against journalists. There are no major constraints for publishing information online. We do this by mapping areas important for conservation of existing forest, and restoration to natural forest of current cattle pasture and croplands.

However, two debates during the past year artixulo posed some threats on the regularity of elections, although none of them xrticulo.

A YES score is earned if there is a legal or regulatory requirement for the independent auditing articluo party finances and expenditures.

Bird conservation would complement landslide prevention in the Central Andes of Colombia

Ballots may be subject to tampering during transport or counting. Abril 9 de http: Landslides and their contribution to land-cover change in the mountains of Mexico and Central America. In practice, in the past year, no journalists investigating corruption have been imprisoned. Funding regulations for local elections are weaker than for those for presidential elections.

Some political parties are effectively barred from forming through some manner of official or unofficial pressure. Ballots are secret, or there is a afticulo equivalent protection, in most cases.

Experts also suggested to decrease the threshold for a party to acquire legal status to 1. Foody Foody GM. There is a transparent voter registration system that provides voters with sufficient time to understand their rights, check the accuracy of their registration, and ensure ivnias errors are corrected before they vote but there are some problems.


Funding was provided by Cristian Samper and his family. In the west of the country, 48 percent of journalists declare that they have sacrificed such criteria while the percentage is 18 percent in the capital city of Bogota. If it is reasonable that a person was killed in relation to his or her work on corruption 300, then the invlas is scored as a NO.

In places where a government is popular with the public, opposition viewpoints can access the public via media outlets. In Decemberthe Ministry of Defense issued a resolution that specifies the cases where the information would be reserved, which were basically those that involved national security or national defense. The Constitution guarantees the right to express and diffuse information articylo to report truthful and impartial information without censorship.

GIR Scorecard Colombia |

The electoral legislation Law of guaranteesTV time to all political parties but there is not specific legislation about electoral guarantees for presidential elections. This proposal was against an earlier proposal, which sought to increase that threshold to 5 percent in order to avoid the infiltration of illegal actors into small parties, innvias proposal that would eliminate from Congress some parties such as the MIRA, which was not involved in the parapolitica scandal.

A NO score is earned if there are any legal or regulatory prohibitions on the monitoring of the electoral process by domestic or international election observers.

Bogota, July 24, Of these, 61 were acts against pre-candidates. Specific restrictions on media regarding privacy or slander are allowed, but not if these amount to legal censorship of a general topic, such as corruption or defense.

However, since these limits are not imposed by law, there is always room for discretionality. Two factors affected the accuracy of the model: Received Dec 16; Accepted Jan Print media entities can freely organize with little to no interaction with the government.

In the case of communitarian TV licenses, time periods are not established and they are difficult to determine.