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ArgoUML is the leading open source UML modeling tool and includes support for all User documentation On Windows or Mac: Double-click on Argo’s Javadocs Tab allows you to enter documentation on the selected design element. Extract all files from to a folder. Double click. The documentation () is impressive with different formats of a quick start and a user manual ( pages!) that.

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When you create a new project it has a use case diagram created by default, named use case diagram 1. This setting has no impact on showing multiplicity near associationends.

Welcome to ArgoUML

If it is scrollable or not depends on the amount of files and folders shown and also how they are shown. ArgoUML is particularly inspired by three theories within agouml psychology: Default shadow width set to 1 by default. The procedure for adding use cases is the same as that for adding actors, but using the use case icon on the editing pane toolbar.

Clicking on the down-arrow displays a tree view of the folder hierarchy, allowing you to navigate quickly up the hierarchy, and at the same time to quickly determine where in the hierarchy we are currently positioned.

We are now ready to create our first UML diagram, a Documentatin Case diagram, but first let’s save what we’ve done so far.

In such a case, the Select All function extends the current selection to the whole field contents. In the case of the Edit Pane Toolbar, that artifact is selected as the next to be added to the diagram but only onceā€”see double clicking for adding multiple artifacts.

ArgoUML User Manual

In this case the two actors involved in the main use case are really only involved in one or other of the two subsidiary use cases and this can be shown on the diagram. Activating this menu entry causes the information to be saved in the file argo.


First everything in the explorer and on the current diagram is deselected, and then everything that is on the current diagram is selected and if the same items apear in the explorer, then they are also there indicated as selected, because they are always synchronised. ArgoUML is an open source project. This ordering can be changed later by using the Move Up and Move Down entries on the pop-up menu. ArgoUML makes heavy use of several threads of execution that execute in parallel.

ArgoUML was conceived as a tool and environment for use in the analysis and design of object-oriented software systems. The availability of the source ensures that a argoukl generation of software designers and researchers now have a proven framework from which they can drive the development and evolution of CASE tool technologies. It is useful to link to these from the earlier sections to ensure comprehensive coverage.

On the other hand, mouse actions in a docuemntation may not seem so intuitive to the user, since it is specific for ArgoUML. This item argpuml checked by default, and is overseen by many users, which are then surprised by the result. The Critique menu is specific for settings related to critics, which apply for all projects. Simple types int, boolean must, in java, be converted to an object of a corresponding class Integer, Boolean.

Choose according to your own situation.

Early iterations will capture the basic flows of the most important use cases with only essential detail and list the headings of the main alternate flows. The dialog for Settings – Notations. The directory in which ArgoUML starts file searches etc. ArgoUML draws on research in cognitive psychology to provide novel features that increase productivity by supporting the cognitive needs of object-oriented software designers and architects.

Open Source doesn’t preclude making money. In an ideal world the vision document, use case diagrams, use case specifications and supplementary requirements specification would form the requirements for a project. We move from the abstract concepts of analysis to their concrete realization.


The object is usually highlighted when the mouse button is pressed and then activated when the mouse button documenttaion released. An OO system is designed and implemented as a simulation of the real world using agouml artifacts. Close liaison must be maintained between the software development and the design, development and production of the hardware. In our ATM example so far we have just three use cases to describe all the behavior of the system.

Models of this evaluation inspired by the book “UML 2. This is like a personal mentor that watches over your shoulder and notifies you each time he sees something questionable in your design. Over graphical artifacts it will move the artifact to a new position.

The options that can be set up on the various documeentation are described in the following sections. Give it a try and zoom around a little Besides the developer mailing list, there’s also a mailing for users see The ArgoUML Mailing List Listwhere we can discuss problems from a user perspective.

Finally we shall use the UML deployment diagram to specify how the system will actually be realized. During this part dochmentation the process, we need to develop our system architecture, to define how all the components will fit together and operate. You can then use the detail pane to describe diagram items and link to other items like documentation for instance. Because of the variety of XMI formats being generated you will encounter problems using XMI files generated from other applications.

UML is itself an open standard. documentatin

AmayaX-Smilesand a rudimentary version of Mozilla. This item is downlighted if the Metal LAF is not chosen. A good rule of thumb is that an iteration should take between six and ten weeks for typical commercial projects.