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Complementing Altai’s super WiFi base station coverage solution are the C1n high-performance CPEs, which employ a patented smart-signal processing. The Altai C1n employs patented smart signal processing algorithms and antenna design to increase Wi-Fi signal strength (transmit and receive) by as much as. Default Password, Login and IP for your Altai C1n Super WiFi CPE/AP router. User Manuals and How to Factory Reset your Altai C1n Super WiFi CPE/AP router.

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Adding an access point to a wired network already in place, or to one where the main NAT router is provided by the ISP is usually the easiest solution. All my 5G devices connect to the new Netgear router.

What should it reall be? Gateway Local IP Address: Broadband Forums General Discussions. I really appreciate it. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. All product names are trademarks of their respective companies.

What that means is, the router acts as a DHCP server, and serves IP addresses dynamically, as needed to the client computers. Broadband Forums Altwi Discussion Gallery.


How to set a Wireless Router as an Access Point

Type in Key Click Save to batch the changes. Was this comment helpful? This is not common with modern mahual. Now to work out how to disentangle it without breaking it forever!

Type in Bridge Distance Click Save to batch the changes. Share buttons are a little bit lower. Now that the new wireless access point is connected to our network, with a correct IP address in the same range and outside the DHCP rangewe can test whether it’s reachable, and secure altal wireless connection. Allow to access the A8 web interface.

Please select option below X.

About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. It does not make sense. If you connect is with a cat5 cable configured as an access point you shouldn’t see such a speed drop. Altai c1 default user is altai password is: It makes it easy to manage and lock down the network. It appears that all my 2. Set a range for how many addresses you’ll need.

Please use our forums with more specific questions you may have. Forget the network then connect again. Type in Bridge Distance 5.


Try not to use WEP encryption – it can be cracked easily as illustrated here. What this means is, if the AP is still in the Make sure you use a capital “A” The password is the wireless key which should be located on a label on the router – it is also case sensitive.


An access point is connected via Cat5 Ethernet cable to your main router, and serves clients wirelessly.

However, introducing a second NAT router on the network is not a good idea, especially without some tweaking to set it up correctly.

Selected information such as name, address and contact information may be release to seller to proceed with delivery.

Altai C1 Outdoor Access Point ( Super (end 1/5/ PM)

Only buyers who purchased the product may leave a review. My client computer is at You basically need two expensive routers since they both need to support it. However, it can’t do both at the same time wireless to both the main router and clients.