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“DM Pro”, “DM5”, “QS8” and “QS” are trademarks of Alesis Studio Electronics, Inc. Selected material for this manual was imported from the Alesis DM5TM and. Alesis DM5 Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Alesis DM5 Reference Manual, Quick Start Owner’s Manual, Supplementary Manual, Quick Reference. View and Download Alesis DM5 reference manual online. High Sample Rate 18 Bit drum Drums Alesis DM5Pro Kit Quickstart Assembly Manual. (12 pages).

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Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Each note is assigned a voice.

When a trigger is struck lightly, the level indicator will move only slightly from left to right. Group button – selects drum Voices to be combined into groups. The DM5 has two Main and two Aux audio outputs on the rear panel, as well as a headphone output on the front panel. Some of the key features of the DM5 include:.

By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. With some experimentation and time, you should be able to find the right combination.

Muffling Always check to be certain that none of your stands or drums are leaning up against, or touching any other drums or piece of hardware. Page 27 At times the tom 1 and the tom 2 pad are triggering when not being played.

When selecting lower values, very soft signals hits will trigger the DM5. Enter text from picture: Don’t have an account? High-definition drum module with dynamic articulation 52 pages. If your footswitch seems to respond backwards notes sustain unless the footswitch is pressed prl, turn off the DM5, make sure the footswitch plug is fully inserted into the footswitch jack, then turn the power back on.

Velocity Curve 0, Unassigned, is fully explained on page This is because the DM5 is interpreting the alwsis from the stand vibrations as hits. How to Play The Demo. Upon power-up, the DM5 will recall the last selected Drum Set, and will display the page that was last selected.


ALESIS DM5 User Manual

Add to my manuals Add. High-definition drum module with dynamic articulation 24 pages. Determines how a drum sound or group of drum sounds will GROUP respond to successive series of triggers. Output button – selects which outputs the selected Voice alesiis be sent to.

Signal 1 is a legitimate hit from the snare pad. Using Amidi Keyboard when the keyboard is set to that channel both the DM5 and the other device s will be played simultaneously.



These can provide an amplification system or mixer with several different audio hookup options: Also See for DM5 Quick reference manual – 2 pages Supplementary manual – 2 pages Quick start owner’s manual – 42 pages. Otherwise, some of the sound from one drum will leak into the other output.

This will only happen if the sending device DM5 Reference Manual Comments to this Manuals Your Name. The factors that most effect the performance of triggers will be your hardware configuration, the different types of pads or drums being used, and the environment in which you pri be using the DM5. Decay You can use either a normally closed or normally open momentary contact footswitch.

In our Crosstalk scenario we will use two pads, a snare pad and the tom 1 pad, both mounted on a single stand. High-definition drum module with dynamic articulation 24 pages.

Preview button – plays the currently selected voice. Voice button – selects what drum sound is assigned to the MIDI note. Placement of the trigger should be on the players side of the drum, within a lug or two of where the stick would hit if you played a rimshot. Drumset button – the main menu aoesis Drumsets are selected. The DM5 comes with a power adapter suitable for the voltage of the country it is shipped to either or V, 50 or 60 Hz.

Each voice is an actual digital recording, called a sample. A Drum Set contains 61 notes. Cursor buttons – allow you to select any parameter on a page or menu. To print the manual completely, please, download it.


Alesis DM5 Manuals

Overview is on the same MIDI channel as the DM5 and if the sending note is within the note range of the currently selected drum kit. Drum Set The classic use of this is with hi-hats; a closed high-hat will cut off an open hi-hat, and hitting an open hi-hat sound will cut off a closed hi-hat. Signal 3 is a second “real” If the sequencer is echoing back what it receives from the DM5, it is not necessary for the external triggers to directly play the DM5, since this would result in each note being played twice once by the trigger and then again when the note is echoed back by the sequencer.

Use a mid to high sensitivity setting if the trigger has an adjustment. The Store Button Example: Values are variable from 00 to To give drummers and engineers maximum control and sensitivity with these triggers, we have provided several parameters to pre- cisely control how the Trigger Inputs respond.

Volume – controls the Volume of the Main outputs and Headphone Out. For example, connecting 8 DM5s would provide note polyphony. Tips On Triggering From Acoustic Drums It simply takes a lot of experimentation to arrive at the correct combination for the type and size of drum, and the drum kit configuration you are using.

This section provides a brief tour of the DM5, shows you how to audition the various sounds of the DM5, and points out the various performance features. Footswitch Hookup If your footswitch seems to respond backwards notes sustain unless the footswitch is pressedturn off the DM5, make sure the footswitch plug is fully inserted into the footswitch jack, then turn the power back on.